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Sourush Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known name in machining and metal-cutting applications in northern India, particularly in the NCR and Delhi. Sourush Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is affiliated with world-renowned and world-class metal-cutting tool manufacturers around the world. We firmly believe in quality, which has been our driving force. We adhere to and promote only high-quality products.

We take pride in delivering orders on time since we understand the importance of deadlines and quality in production. Our growth is attributed to our great service and delivery model, which adds value to our clients.

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Sourush Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Ehwa Diamonds

EHWA has a specialized Solutions for CV joint part grinding. High stock removal for improved production capacity, an outstanding surface quality with low heat and tight tolerance.

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Kennametal Widia

Kennametal Widia is another well-known manufacturer of cutting tools, tooling systems, and wear-resistant parts used in metalworking, mining, construction, and other industries.

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Emuge Franken

Emuge Franken is a manufacturer of cutting tools and machining solutions. Their products are commonly used in the manufacturing industry for tasks such as drilling, threading, milling, and more.

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Sourush Is A Well-Known Name In The Field Of Machining And Metal Cutting Application In Northern India Specially In NCR And Delhi . Sourush Is Associated With World Famous And World Class Metal Cutting Tool Manufacturers Across The World. We Firmly Believe In The Concept Of Quality Which Has Been Our Propelling Factor.


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